What to Expect

CrossFit can be done in many ways. Specific approaches differ from one gym to the next.
At Jayhawker CrossFit, we aim to provide excellent instruction and
a challenging yet enjoyable experience in every class.

Each class starts with a general warm-up, consisting of full-body movements, and general calisthenics, as well as agility or coordination work. 

We follow the warm-up with a combination of skill and strength work, using a wide range of traditional strength training movements, olympic lifts, odd object lifts (using kettlebells, medicine balls, etc.), and basic gymnastics skills, like pull-ups, push-ups, and handstands.

We finish the class with a conditioning workout (workout of the day, or WOD), that combines strength and skill movements in a circuit format.

A typical class lasts between 60 and 75 minutes.

Every day is a new workout,
which provides challenge and interest.

Each day, all classes do the same routine, which adds a slight competitive factor. This competition is meant to boost the intensity and results of the WODs. Ultimately, however, you are your only real competition. During WODs, we track times and/or reps for a score, helping us see results over time. When a WOD is repeated, our goal is always to have added reps or to have reduced time. This enables us to track results, and apply the method, over and over, to know that the program is working.