When did you start CrossFit?

Favorite movements?
Box jump overs and double unders. I like jumping.

Least favorite movements?
Long sets of anything, and burpees, which often come in long sets.

How did you end up at Jayhawker?
I did not grow up being athletic. I jogged and did some weight training. A few years ago, I was looking for something different that would challenge me physically. One Wednesday afternoon I walked into this new gym in town, and have been doing CrossFit ever since then.

What keeps you coming back?
Every time I work out, I am pushed to a limit I didn’t know I had. Someone else tells me what to do. All I have to focus on is doing the work.

What are your fitness goals right now?
Getting into a handstand.
What do you when you’re not at the gym?
I teach at KU.