When did you start CrossFit?
Summer 2018.
Favorite movements?
Most forms of pull-ups. I liked to climb as a kid.
Least favorite movement?
Figure 8s. They light up a ton of muscle groups all at once.
How did you end up at Jayhawker?
I played wheelchair basketball and tennis in college, so it was easy to stay motivated and train daily with my team. When I moved to Lawrence, I did some lifting on my own, but I had trouble keeping my routine fresh and motivating.
I heard about Jayhawker CrossFit from a friend, and it sounded like a fun challenge. He introduced me to Andrew who embraced the new challenge of coaching an athlete in a chair.
What keeps you coming back?
That feeling of going into the day after working out and having fun with a welcoming community, the ever-fresh workouts, and the music!
What are your fitness goals?
Consistently attend class. Do 50 unbroken pull-ups.
What do you do when you are not at the gym?
I’m earning a PhD and teaching at KU while working part-time at the Adams Alumni Center. I play wheelchair basketball and tennis recreationally here in Lawrence and in Kansas City.