When did you start CrossFit?
In the middle of February, 2018. It was a Valentine’s gift for myself.

Favorite movements?
Handstand pushups because everyone looks baddass doing them, and Clean and Jerks because I’ve never done any Olympic lifts before.

Least favorite movements?
Burpees and overhead squats.

How did you end up at Jayhawker?
I was at work looking at websites, and emailed with some questions. Andrew emailed me back before I had a chance to email anyone else. I figured that if that’s how on top of things they were, this would be the place for me.

What keeps you coming back?
I love that I’m constantly learning new things, and am able to do things that I haven’t been able to do before. I’ve never been able to do a pull-up, but did 50 during a WOD last week. I was piking on a box to start, but I can now do handstand push-ups.

What are your fitness goals right now?
I just want to keep getting better, stronger, and faster. I did a bar muscle-up off of a box this week, so my long term goal is to be able to do a bar muscle up with no modifications.
What do you when you’re not at the gym?
I teach high school English, so I do a lot of reading. I’m in two different bands (I play bass and sing). I’m a home brewer. I also like to run, and I’ve run about a dozen half-marathons and trail half-marathons.