When did you start CrossFit?

Favorite movements?
Deadlifts. All the deadlifts.

Least favorite movements?

How did you end up at Jayhawker?
I met Andrew through a friend and did some work on his rig in 2015. But that location was too far of a commute. When Jayhawker moved to its current location, I had just moved closer as well, so I decided to come on in!

What keeps you coming back?
The folks who lift at Jayhawker are a blast to be around, and that makes it easy to come back in every day. So that I can ice cream every day.

What are your fitness goals right now?
Just to be in an all-around better shape. I work a demanding job. Being fit helps me prevent injury and makes my daily tasks much easier.
What do you when you’re not at the gym?
I spend time with my wife and two dogs, and try to hunt and shoot as much as possible.