Andrew Armbrister

Owner / Head Coach

CF-L1 Trainer
Certified Personal Trainer
Professionally Trained Massage Therapist

Growing up, Andrew played sports every season. It was baseball in the summer, soccer and basketball in the fall and winter, soccer and track in the spring. He lived for recess and gym class.

After graduating from Lawrence High School in 2005, he took a year off school. Working multiple part-time jobs and no longer participating in sports, he quickly ended up overweight and out of shape. After seeing others in his family battle lifestyle-related health problems, he decided to try working out. One of his jobs was at a recreation center. He found his way into the weight room there, and never looked back.

In 2007, he completed the personal trainer education program at Pinnacle Career Institute. He graduated with honors from the accelerated exercise science program, and was hired to teach for Professional Fitness Institute (PFI) in Las Vegas.

It was while working with PFI that he was first introduced to the concepts of CrossFit. Finding CrossFit changed his approach to his own training, and to the training he was offering clients. It embodied all of the concepts he enjoyed when he first found exercise and wellness, while also bringing back the fun and sense of play he remembered from sports and gym class. He also loved the community aspect CrossFit brings to groups of individuals who may never cross paths in everyday life.

After moving back to Lawrence, Andrew continued to coach CrossFit, and taught the personal training program at Wellsprings Allied Health. He also completed the massage therapy degree program at Pinnacle Career Institute.

Andrew opened Jayhawker CrossFit in 2014. After over a decade in the fitness industry, he finds great satisfaction each day in helping all individuals, regardless of background, develop their athletic potential and live their best lives.

Tyberius (Ty)

Ty is a seven-year old red hound mix. He is the assistant coach during morning classes.

Ty greets everyone coming through the front door and inspects them for treats. He is an expert at modeling proper “sit” and “high five” technique.

Ty enjoys leading members through alternative warm-up movements, like playing catch with tennis balls and resistance bands. He is a strong proponent of concluding the warm-up with the down-dog pose and a solid nap.

Prior to a WOD, Ty vocalizes everyone’s anxieties with muffled whimpers. He is an avid runner, so running WODs elicit a high level of anticipation from him. He enjoys the opportunity to howl loudly, channeling his hunting dog ancestors.

At the end of a WOD, Ty attends to the most sweaty athletes. He targets people’s faces with his tongue because he knows how great it feels to get licked on the lips or in the eye.

Ty values members who linger at the end of class and surrender all their remaining treats to him.